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Virginia is home to Caesars online sportsbook. When you register with Caesars Virginia today, you’ll get three welcome bonuses worth upwards of $1,250. Your opening bet will be on Caesars for a max of $1,250, and you’ll receive 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits®. You simply have to enter the Caesars Virginia promo code LEGALFULL to unlock all of these sportsbook bonuses.

The bonuses and promotions at Caesars continue after the welcome bonuses are done. During this Caesars Sportsbook app review we will walk you through creating your account, making that first deposit, explaining the various types of sports bets available, and much more. When you finish, you will know all that Caesars Sportsbook in Virginia has to offer, both positives and negatives, and from there, you can decide if it’s the sportsbook for you.

Why choose Caesars Sportsbook Virginia
  • Generous welcome bonus worth up to $1,250
  • Sign-up bonus include 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits®
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android allows for NFL game streaming
  • Tie in to Caesars Rewards program
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Caesars Sportsbook Virginia sign-up bonus for June 2023

Caesars Sportsbook is giving Virginia bettors a great reason to register. Create a Caesars Sportsbook Virginia account, using the Caesars VA promo code LEGALFULL, and your opening bet is on Caesars for a maximum of $1,250. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Register with Caesars online sportsbook in Virginia by clicking our exclusive links.
  • Use the Caesars Virginia promo code LEGALFULL when prompted.
  • Make a deposit and place your first bet.
  • If this bet, and only this bet, loses, you’ll be refunded in the form of a bet credit for up to the maximum amount of $1,250.
  • You’ll have 14 days to use your bet credit before that will expire.
  • On top of that you get 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits®

Caesars Sportsbook promo code Virginia 2023

Online Sportsbook Caesars Sportsbook Virginia
Caesars Virginia Promo Code LEGALFULL
Caesars Virginia Welcome Bonuses Initial cash bet on Caesars for up to $1,250, 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits®
Caesars Sportsbook Online in Virginia Since 2021
Last Updated June 2023

Signing up for a Caesars Sportsbook account in VA

The new player bonus offer is not available for existing Caesars players. New players who take care of all of the above are eligible. You’ll have three days from creating your Caesars Virginia account to make your initial deposit, and your first cash sports wager is on Caesars, max of $1,250.

As long as you do that, Caesars will reward you with a one-time use bet credit if your initial bet loses. There are not any odds restrictions on bet credits as Caesars.

Joining Caesars Sportsbook in Virginia is an easy process that should only take five to 10 minutes and can be done on your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer. Some people find it easier to do on a computer with a full keyboard in order to make entering all your details easier, but it’s really just about personal preference.

You’ll need to enter a few personal details: first and last name, email, phone number, home address, date of birth and Social Security number, as well as create a username and password. Having to enter your Social Security number is the one thing that scares some people, but chances are you’ll only need the last four digits of it, to help verify your identity.

And remember to enter the Caesars VA promo code LEGALFULL when signing up to take advantage of all three welcome bonuses at Caesars Virginia.

And that’s all it takes to sign up.

Caesars deposit bonus and welcome offer

After joining Caesars Sportsbook, you will want to make sure you check your emails and log in to the site or app at least a few times a week so you don’t miss any of the specials Caesars runs throughout the year.

For example, during the first week of the NFL season, it ran a promotion where if you used code INPLAY50 when placing a bet, you were rewarded with a bet credit equal to your current wager to be used on a live bet of your choice. The offer maxed out at $50.

You can expect to see similar promotions throughout the entire year. The offers usually increase at the beginning of sports seasons, during playoff time and around big events like major championships in golf and women’s and men’s tennis.

Is Caesars legal in Virginia?

Yes. When sports betting was legalized in the state in April 2020, it opened the door for companies to introduce their sports betting apps to the public by early 2021.

There are a few aspects of Virginia sports betting law that are good to be aware of.

Retail sportsbooks are not yet available in the state; however, that could change. The gambling legislation from earlier in 2020 also allows for five communities to vote on referendums to allow casinos in their towns. Should those referendums succeed, the legislation would allow for a sports betting license for each casino.

Additionally, a retail sportsbook would be allowed at a professional sports venue that has not yet been built in the state. The common belief is that this provision aims to help lure the Washington Football Team to build a new stadium in Virginia. The football team’s headquarters and practice facility already are located in Virginia.

Another part of the law forbids betting on college sports teams located in Virginia. So you will not be able to bet on the University of Virginia or Virginia Tech basketball and football games, as well as any other local college team sports. In case you were wondering, yes you still will be able to bet on the men’s college basketball tournament in March even if local teams are participating in it.

Lastly, the law requires there are not more than 12 sportsbooks in the state at any time, while always having at least four. The goal of this stipulation is to help create options for consumers and thus force the sportsbooks to offer the best odds and deals.

Caesars Rewards program

One of the best benefits from Caesars Sportsbook is the fact that it’s part of Caesars’ Total Rewards program. You will need to link your Caesars online gambling account with your Total Rewards account, and once you do that you’ll start earning one credit for every $10 in sports bets you wager.

As is the case with most casino loyalty programs, the more points you earn the more comps you get. You will be able to use the points to get bet credit at the sportsbook or at a Caesars casino, and earn hotel discounts and/or food and drink perks at various Caesars properties.

As for the features and benefits that are most appealing at the sportsbook, it starts with the welcome offers you’ll receive.

After that, there will be different promotions that Caesars runs over the course of the year allowing you to get better odds or rewards based on the specific promo it is running at that time.

As it stands right now, Caesars Sportsbook doesn’t run as many promotions as we’re seeing at other sportsbooks, so we’ll have to see if that changes going forward.

Caesars Sportsbook Virginia app

The Caesars Sportsbook app likely will be your preferred method of placing bets and monitoring your account as a whole. With retail sportsbooks yet to arrive in Virginia, there’s not a physical location for you to go to.

Some people might hear that and be upset that there are no sportsbooks to attend and watch and bet on games at. But the Caesars Sportsbook app means you instantly can turn any sports bar into a sportsbook with the push of a button.

As long as you have an internet connection and download the app, which you can get for free for both iOS and Android devices, you can have a sportsbook with you wherever you go. So, in a lot of ways, it’s actually better than a regular retail sportsbook. No longer do you have to go to a betting window or wait for a kiosk to open up to place your bets. Instead, just take out your phone, log in and get to betting.

You also have the option of going to the Caesars Sportsbook website and placing bets that way. Both the app and website are arranged in a very similar fashion, so once you’re comfortable with one, it won’t be a challenge using the other.

Download Caesars Sportsbook in VA Here!

Types of bets available on the Caesars Virginia Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook has you covered for whatever type of sports bets you’re interested in making. Let’s take a look at the most common ones you’ll see with examples of how they all work.

  • Moneyline: Simply pick the winner of any given contest. Moneyline favorites are noted in negative numbers, while underdogs are in positive. For example: Ravens (-340) vs. Browns (+280). Baltimore is the favorite; Cleveland is the underdog.
  • Against the spread: Instead of just picking the winner, you now have to pick a team to either win by a certain amount or only lose by so much. Using the same example as above, we’ll say the Ravens are listed at -7.5, meaning they have to beat the Browns by at least eight points for you to win. If you pick Baltimore and the final score is Ravens 24, Browns 17 you would lose your bet. If you picked Cleveland +7.5, your bet would be a winner.
  • Over/unders: Here you’re picking whether the point total is over or under the line provided. Let’s use the Ravens-Browns example one last time: If the over/under was listed at 47.5 and you took the over, you would need the teams to combine for 48 points or more for your bet to win; 47 or fewer and you would lose.
  • Prop bets: These are bets that often involve what an individual player will do in a specific contest. For example, during a Washington Nationals game, there might be a prop bet on how many hits Juan Soto will have, or possibly how many strikeouts Max Scherzer will record during one of his starts.
  • Parlays: These combine multiple bets and allow you to select multiple things to take place. In order to win your bet, you must get every pick correct. For example, you could pick both the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets to win their games one night. If the Wizards win but the Hornets lose, your bet is a complete loss. Parlay bets involve at least two selections, but do not have a maximum. The more legs your bet has, the more you can win, but the harder it is to get everything right.
  • Teasers: Most often done with football and basketball games, teasers involve moving the line in your favor. For example: You want to bet on Baltimore -7.5 and Jacksonville +8 to both cover the spread. You could do a 6-point teaser, so the new lines would be Baltimore -1.5 and Jacksonville +14. The bet is now easier to win, thus your payout would be less if you get it right.
  • Futures: Most often these are bets made for events a few months down the road or associated with teams’ season win totals, championship predictions or individual awards. You could place a futures wager on Chase Young of the Washington Football Team to win the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year award, or you could pick the Washington Capitals to win the Stanley Cup, just to name a couple of examples of futures bets.

Clearly, there are a plethora of sports bets you can make at Caesars Sportsbook.

Sports you can bet on at Caesars in Virginia

When it comes to sports you can bet on at Caesars, there actually aren’t as many as you’ll find at a lot of other sportsbooks in Virginia, but chances are you won’t even notice what’s missing.

All the major sports are there, like betting on the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, college basketball and football, soccer (both MLS and international), UFC, the PGA Tour and NASCAR betting. There’s also smaller sports like table tennis and the rugby league to bet on at Caesars.

What you won’t find are cricket, darts or cycling, to name a few. Obviously, if these sports are important for you to bet on, then Caesars Sportsbook is not for you, but most bettors will never even notice they aren’t available at Caesars.

Virginia sports betting guide

Since Virginia doesn’t have any pro sports teams right now and you’re not allowed to bet on the local college teams in the state, let’s instead look at some of the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL teams from the surrounding states that you might follow and bet on.

For all these teams, you’re able to wager on their individual games throughout the season, as well as bet on them during games thanks to the live betting that Caesars Sportsbook offers. You also are able to place futures wagers on them and all the other teams in the respective leagues.

In Major League Baseball, you’ve got the National League’s Washington Nationals and the American League’s Baltimore Orioles. The Nationals won the World Series in 2019 and have two of baseball’s top players in outfielder Juan Soto and starting pitcher Max Scherzer. The Orioles on the other hand were much improved in 2020 after back-to-back 100-loss seasons in the two years prior.

In the NBA, there’s the Washington Wizards and Charlotte Hornets, both in the league’s Eastern Conference. Both teams have struggled in recent years, but that could start to change after both teams drafted in the Top 10 this year. Charlotte picked third and Washington selected ninth overall.

The nearby NFL franchises are two of the bigger names in football. The Baltimore Ravens have won two Super Bowls (2001, 2013). And while it’s been a long time since its last one, the NFL’s Washington Commanders have three Vince Lombardi Trophies to its name, having won after the 1982, 1987 and 1991 seasons.

Currently, the Ravens have reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson at quarterback. Washington has defensive end Chase Young, who was the second overall pick in this year’s NFL draft.

And last but not least you’ve got the NHL’s Washington Capitals to cheer and now bet on at Caesars Sportsbook. The Caps feature one of the biggest stars in all of hockey in Alexander Ovechkin. Washington also won the Stanley Cup in 2018 when the Caps beat the Vegas Golden Knights in five games in the finals.

Obviously, you don’t have to limit your betting to these nearby teams, but if you are able to watch them on TV more and you follow them more closely, you might find it easier to do well when wagering for or against them because you’re more knowledgeable about the teams.

Caesars Sportsbook futures bets

As we explained in the types of bets section above, futures betting involves betting on season-long outcomes as well as individual awards across all the major professional and college sports. At Caesars Sportsbook, you can place futures bets on all the pro teams in the surrounding states. Here’s a quick look at what that would entail in the four major leagues.

In the NFL, bettors can wager on the regular season win totals for the Washington Football Team, Baltimore Ravens and the rest of the NFL. Bettors also can bet on each team to win its respective division and conference title and the Super Bowl, too. Caesars also has futures available for major awards such as MVP, offensive and defensive rookie of the years, and for different statistical categories for some of the top players throughout the NFL.

In baseball, futures are available for the Baltimore Orioles, Washington Nationals and the remaining 28 teams in Major League Baseball. You can choose to bet on a team’s regular-season win total, who will win each division, league and the World Series. Individual futures also are there for the Cy Young, MVP and Rookie of the Year awards, and for individual accomplishments, as well.

Come NBA season, futures can be placed on the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards and the rest of the league’s teams. Just like in the leagues mentioned above, you’re able to bet on regular-season wins, division and conference crowns, and the overall champion at season’s end. Individual awards and player stats are also options.

In the NHL the only difference you’ll see when it comes to futures is that you can pick between regular season wins and regular season point totals for the Washington Capitals and the rest of the NHL. Just like the other leagues, betting on division, conference and the Stanley Cup winners is available at Caesars Sportsbook. Futures bets for individual and postseason awards like the Conn Smythe Trophy are available, too.

Futures betting can be extremely profitable if you’re able to pick a major long shot before a sport’s season begins, like Lamar Jackson to win the MVP prior to the 2019 NFL season.

Payment options at Caesars online sportsbook

There are multiple ways to deposit money into your Caesars Virginia account. You have the option of using a bank transfer, credit card (Mastercard or Visa), PayPal, PayNearMe, Neteller or your Caesars prepaid card.

Withdrawals are just as simple. Once again you can use PayPal, Neteller or a bank transfer. And you also have the option of having your winnings transferred to your Caesars prepaid card.

Caesars customer support

If everything works as it’s designed, you’ll never need to worry about contacting customer support, but we all know that’s not always the case. Fortunately, when it comes to Caesars, it’s more than prepared if something does go wrong.

The support page includes an FAQ section with more than 100 answers to help solve your problem. If you’re not able to come up with the answer there, you can contact Caesars via live chat, phone or email.

Responsible gambling at Caesars

Caesars includes responsible gambling information on its website, stating that “we want all of our customers to enjoy real-money gambling as a planned and budgeted entertainment option — like an evening out for dinner, the theater or a sporting event.”

To that end, it provides links to where people can seek help if they have a gambling problem. You also have the ability at Caesars Sportsbook to set limits on how much time you can spend on the site, the amount of money you can deposit and the amount of money you can spend.

Perhaps Caesars’ biggest commitment to responsible gambling is the option of self-excluding yourself from Caesars for either a one- or five-year period.

Where is the Caesars retail sportsbook?

Caesars Sportsbook does not have a retail location in Virginia as the state does not yet have physical casinos.

Is Caesars the best sportsbook in Virginia?

Trying to select the top overall sportsbook in the state at this time is probably a little bit premature. The one thing we definitely know when it comes to Caesars Sportsbook is that it’s run by one of the biggest and best names in the gambling industry. Because of that, we feel confident in saying Caesars is a sportsbook you can trust and feel secure doing business with.

As to whether Caesars is better than competitors like DraftKings and FanDuel, it will take a little longer to answer. Both those sportsbooks, in particular, have shown a propensity in other markets across the country for rewarding their customers with great promos and incentives. If Caesars can do the same in Virginia, then the title for top sportsbook will be up for grabs.

Caesars Sportsbook Virginia FAQ

LEGALFULL. Sign up with Caesars Sportsbook and enter LEGALFULL to get your first bet on Caesars Virginia for up to $1,250. Additionally, you’ll be awarded 1,000 Tier Credits and 1,000 Reward Credits®. Check out the Caesars sign-up bonus section above for full details.

Yes, Caesars became the first online sportsbook to allow users to stream NFL regular season games. You need to have an account balance above zero and have placed at least one bet in the previous 10 months to stream NFL games on the Caesars app.

If you don’t have a Caesars Sportsbook account yet, you can sign up by using the Caesars promo code LEGALFULL to claim your welcome bonus worth up to $1,250.

Caesars does not charge a fee on withdrawals or deposits. You may want to check with the financial institution that you use, however, as some of them may charge fees.

Using bet credits at Caesars VA is super easy. Just select the wager you want to make, then check your betslip. If you have a bet credit that can be used on the bet you’ll see a smaller box labeled “Bonus.” Select that box, choose the bet credit you’d like to use and then tap “Place bet.”

Yes, you can bet on the Washington Commanders at Caesars, along with all the other NFL teams and games. However, you cannot bet on in-state college teams in Virginia, so Virginia Tech and University of Virginia games are off the table. You can, however, still bet on college teams that are from out of state.

No, you don’t need to download the app to bet at Caesars. You can use the Caesars website on either desktop or mobile. Both will give you the same odds and betting options.

Yes. There may be slight differences here and there in either direction, but in general the odds at Caesars will match what you find at other legal online sportsbooks in Virginia.